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Alelí Tours is located at La Parguera waterfront (Lajas, southwest Puerto Rico, a 2.5 hour car-ride from San Juan), providing easy and convenient access to the water. We provide tours to the bioluminescent bay, snorkeling tours, and nature discovery tours. Our specialized team provides scientific information on the visited ecosystems. 

Environmental tour operators since 1987.

Bioluminescent Bay Powerboat Tour

Private bioluminescent bay tour with your companion or your friends. A half an hour ride on a 19-foot private skiff will take you to the magical glowing waters of El Lago Fosforescente (the original local name), now commonly known as the ‘biobay’.  You can swim  and enjoy the glow on your body as you tread water. The whole experience will take approximately two hours. (6 passengers max., all ages allowed) $150.00 for the first three passengers. Additional passengers will pay an additional amount of $40 per person) *Special notes below.


Nature / Snorkeling Tour

Learn about our natural ecosystems in La Parguera. Discover the mangrove forest, the seagrass beds, and the coral reef as we slowly navigate through the waters of the Nature Reserve. We will stop and explore each ecosystem describing its flora and fauna. Appreciate the beauty of the best-preserved reefs on the island. Captain Ismael will tailor the tour to your group based on your skills, interests, and weather conditions. He will take you to off-the-beaten path reefs as he has identified more than 30 unique spots where little tourists or local visitors have been able to go. You will see Endangered stony corals, soft corals, anemones, sea urchins, star fish, schools of fish, shells, and if you are lucky a manta ray, manatee, dolphins, and/or sea turtles. These species are common to the area but are wild and not trained for tourists. This is a four-hour tour and all gear, drinks and snacks are included. (6 passengers max., $75.00 per person) *Special notes below. 

*Special notes:

1. Our boat is 19′ skiff with a small engine. Coast Guard regulations do not allow more than 1,400 lbs aboard (approximately 200 lbs per passenger). Also note that the ladder to get in and out of the boat might not hold more than 250 lbs.

2. The biobay changes every night. We cannot assure a perfect glow. Besides all the studies done nobody can still predict its brightness. 

3. The moon does not affect the dinoflagellate population. It affects the appreciation of the phenomena by the human eye. The 7:30 pm biobay tour is your best choice two or three days after the full moon. The moon comes out later every night after the full moon so you will have a brighter sky on the 9:30 pm biobay tour two or three days after the full moon. 

4. Participants of the nature / snorkeling tour should be proficient swimmers. 

5. Good quality water shoes, hats, quick-drying sun protective wear are recommended for the Nature /Snorkeling Tour.